Wasting Valuable Time Struggling To Manage Multiple Coaching Clients?

"Create An Automated Private Coaching Program On The Back Of Any WordPress Membership Site That You Can Easily Monitor, Measure And Manage"

Position Yourself As An Expert And Demand Higher Premiums By Using These WP Coach Pro Client Management Features

Single Client Entry Point For All Members To One Private Portal

The Coaching Hub is the common entry point for your clients.  Each client sees only their coaching portal... you (as the Admin/Coach) see all clients.  You can also see the current status of each client and quickly determine who has an outstanding email that you need to answer.

This page is automatically created by WP Coach Pro... all you need to do is protect it to a membership level and all members of that level will be able to access a portal that is automatically created for them!

Manage All Communications And Document Sharing In One Journal

Each client portal contains a communications journal that records all questions and answers for that client.  Attachments can be included in each post.

Each post is also sent by email.  Emails can be replied to directly and these replies are piped into the communications journal, so you have a complete history of all client consultations over time.

Graphical Dashboard For Complete Monitoring & Control

Monitor and manage all coaching client communications on one dashboard.  See how many questions are waiting for your reply, and gain valuable insight frequency of questions, response time, and daily demands.

Within the settings you can configure WP Coach Pro to throttle/limit the number of emails a client can send per day or per week, thus ensuring you only answer what needs to be answered.

5 Reasons Why WP Coach Pro Is A Paradym Shift To The Traditional Way Of Managing Email Coaching Programs

Reason #1:  Automation

WP Coach Pro simplifies the process of creating a centralized client management system by using a membership site as the front end of the sale funnel.  Client signups are fully automated... no manual steps are required to collect payment or create accounts.

Reason #2: Control

WP Coach Pro sends posts to the client via email, and each email reply is piped back into the system.  This ensures you have a complete history of all correspondence with each client (and nothing gets missed by mistake!)

Reason #3:  Profitability

WP Coach Pro will throttle/limit client questions on a daily or weekly basis, ensuring that you deliver just the value that is required.  No more bleeding time and money answering more questions than the client is paying for.

Reason #4: Efficiency

WP Coach Pro's Dashboard displays vital performance metrics.  You see average client demand on a daily basis and can determine how much revenue your coaching program is generating for the level of effort you are investing into your business.

Reason #5: Flexibility

Combine content from your membership site and create a hybrid coaching program with both a group and one on one component!

Just Add WP Coach Pro To Your Membership Site And BOOM... You've Got A Fully Functional Private Coaching Area For Each Member

And WP Coach Pro Works With Any Membership Site Plugin!

Our "Generic Integration Mode" allows you to use WP Coach Pro with ANY Membership Site Plugin.

Plus, we've created "Direct Integration"Methods for many of the popular membership site plugins on the market today... and we continue to add more!

Watch This Short Demo Video To See It In Action!

WP Coach Pro Will Transform the Way You Offer Coaching...

Regardless of if you have an existing Coaching Program or are new to the scene and just getting started...

WP Coach Pro is the perfect WordPress based platform for every Coach, Consultant, Teacher, and Trainer looking to run an efficient coaching program for their clients.



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