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Business, life and personal development coaches who are tired of chasing clients and struggling to make ends meet...

From: Andrew Hunter
RE: Welcome To Pulp Fiction Coaching

Dear Coach,

You have an important message to share. You've been in the trenches.

You've learned from your successes - and failures. You've even helped friends and family design a lifestyle or business they love.

And if you could just get the word out, you could help many, many more.

But that's the rub, isn't it? Friends, family, colleagues and clients all tell you how you've helped them, and maybe they're even paying you (good for you!). But pretty soon you'll discover that...

One-on-One Coaching Won't Pay The Bills

While reaching one-on-one clients is often seen as the ultimate goal for coaches, in reality, this is just the beginning. Here's why:

There are only so many hours in the day. And even fewer of them are available for one-on-one clients, when you stop to consider that you have other things to do, like:

  • Marketing
  • Billing
  • Social media engagement
  • Program development
  • and your own work with a coach or mentor

By the time you fit all that in - and make no mistake, all of those things and more are critical to your success - you'll be lucky to have 2 or 3 free hours per day for those one-on-one clients.

And let's not forget that working one-on-one is, while quite rewarding, also incredibly draining. Being "on" for hours at a time is nearly impossible, so the fact that you're not earning six-figures and more simply with one-on-one clients is not surprising.

The solution? It's so simple that many new and even experienced coaches overlook it...

Build a Business, Not a Job

If you're limiting your coaching to working one-on-one with clients, then what you have is a job. Sure, you may have several bosses, and you even get to name your own salary (to a point), but it's still a job. It requires you to be present, and you're paid directly for the time you spend.

And as you've likely discovered by now, that's not really scalable.

  • Hours are limited, so you can't simply give yourself a raise by working more
  • Raising your rates brings in more per hour, but reduces the number of clients you attract
  • Going on vacation or taking time off for a new baby? Goodbye paycheck

Clearly, there must be a better way. But before you rush off to create a whole catalog of offers, remember...

It's Easy to Get Overwhelmed When Building a Coaching Business

There are just so many options to consider!

  • Do you work more comfortably in person or on the phone? What about email?
  • Does your client need lots of hand-holding or just a simple checklist approach?
  • Do you crave a group dynamic or prefer being able to focus on a single client?
  • Will your potential clients benefit more from daily accountability or do they work well on their own?
  • How can you create a "taste test" option to help people learn more about you?
  • What delivery methods work best for you and your clients?
  • What does a successful coaching session look like from your point of view? From hers?
  • How will you be sure your offers mesh with what your client needs and wants?
  • How do you establish pricing that provides a tidy profit for you while not being out of range for your client?

This is just a small sample of questions you must answer if you hope to bridge the gap between "struggling coach" and "successful six-figure business owner."

Let's face it, most entrepreneurs waste months or even years muddling through this process, trying this and that strategy, until they finally stumble upon the combination that works for them - or at least works better.

If that's you, and you're ready to break free from the confusion and overwhelm and finally build a coaching business that does work, then read on for details on how you can...

Pulp Fiction Coaching:

Create a Six-Figure Coaching Business in Just Four Weeks!

As a coach, you know you don't have to have all the answers. That's what good training and mentorship is for! And building a successful coaching business is no different.

With this easy-to-follow 4-module course, you'll get the direction you need in a step-by-step format filled with proven strategies. These are the exact techniques other hugely successful coaches have used to build solid businesses faster than you might think is possible.

It covers everything from designing a client-attracting website to turning one-time buyers into raving fans (who purchase everything you offer).

And because it's organized into actionable bite-sized chunks, there's no worry that you'll become overwhelmed and frozen by indecision and confusion, as there is with so many large training programs. Not only that, but no matter where you are in your journey to build a coaching business, you can jump right in at just the place where you need help.

Here's a sampling of what's covered in each module...

Module 1: How to Magnetically Attract Your Perfect Clients Without Chasing Them Down

  • Why finding your unique brand is critical to your success - the cookie-cutter approach might work for fast-food franchises, but when it comes to coaching, your clients crave your unique qualities.
  • The single most important aspect of your brand - get this wrong and you'll confuse your potential clients, or worse, drive them away.
  • 3 questions you must answer if you want to build a solid, personal brand that attracts rather than alienates the very audience you want to serve.
  • How to quickly create a website - don't let the technical details trip you up. Once this is done, you can move on to more important matters!
  • 3 important website elements to consider - keeping these in mind with everything you do helps create a cohesive branding message.!
  • Why content is a critical part of your overall brand - and how it can work for you by pre-qualifying clients long before you meet with them.)
  • The one thing to keep in mind every time you create a new piece of content - get this right, and your clients will be naturally drawn to you.
  • How to establish credibility and become known as the "go to" person in your niche - it's not as difficult as it sounds, but it is absolutely vital to your success.
  • How to associate your name and brand with the biggest names in your niche. Do this right and you'll be on the path to stardom. Do it badly, and you'll be forever labeled a spammer - or worse!
  • What your competitors can teach you about branding, marketing and more - and why paying attention to them might just be the most important thing you do.

As you can see, this first module is all about laying the foundation for a rock-solid six-figure business. Once you've worked through these first steps, though, it's time to put module 2 into action.

Module 2: The Secret to Creating & Packaging Your Irresistible Coaching Offers

  • Setting the correct pricing - and the two questions you must ask yourself before you begin.
  • How to determine the proper focus for your offer based on what you know about your ideal client.
  • One surprising way to add extra income streams to your offer funnel - and how one super-successful coach uses this method to earn big bucks AND build an expert reputation!
  • How to develop offers that not only bring in cash, but that you enjoy - miss this and you might earn that six-figure income you want, but you'll be miserable doing it.
  • How to team up with other coaches to offer big value (pro tip: this is a fantastic way to get your foot in the door of a new niche or market)
  • Why your local area might just be the best place to "test the waters" - and two methods that can deliver huge successes.
  • How to master the art of over-delivering - get this right, and you'll never have to chase after clients again.
  • What's missing from your sales funnel - if you've got leaks, you won't want to miss this part.
  • How to put an end to the objections - this one trick will virtually eliminate any uncertainty your ideal client might have about hiring you.

It's clear that module two is all about the foundation. As you work through the steps inside, you'll be building a logical series of product and service offerings that speak to your unique clients. But there's more to a six-figure coaching business than just services - you'll also want to add some passive income streams. And for that, we turn to...

Module 3: How to Double Your Profits While Spending Less Time at Your Desk

  • The single most powerful tool you have in your passive income arsenal - if you're not already working on this, then you must start now!
  • Why "one hit wonders" never achieve the success they want - and what to do to avoid falling into this trap!
  • 12 types of products your market is desperately searching for - if you're not providing them, then someone else will.
  • 2 ways to put the power of affiliate marketing to work for you - either one is a nice boost to your income, but if you do both, you'll watch your profits soar!
  • 3 ways to license your products for even bigger profits - some of the biggest names in business do this, and you can, too.
  • The number one way to get more mileage out of every single product you create - skip this step and you're literally throwing money away.
  • The easy way to build community AND recurring income - get this right, and your earning power will quickly snowball.
  • How to create a successful joint venture partnership - without adding any extra work for either of you.

Passive income is great - and once you've worked through module 3 you'll have many of the pieces in place to continue to build yours. But as you probably already know, your best source of income will always be happy, repeat customers. And that's what module 4 is all about.

Module 4: How to Get Your Clients to Love Paying You Over and Over Again

  • 4 ways to create regular, recurring income - and why they work so well in every niche.
  • How to get clients to buy the same product again and again - master this and you'll practically be able to print your own money.
  • Why a lifetime membership option can actually grow your income even after members stop paying.
  • How (and where) to build an online community that will serve as your remote sales army - do this right, and you'll never have to "sell" again.
  • How to put the spotlight right on your clients - and make more sales of your services when you do!
  • Why social proof is critical to your success - plus some unusual ways you can use it to your advantage.
  • How to incorporate various payment options into your overall funnel - do this and your cash flow will never again be an issue.
  • The number one way to create a "waiting list" of potential clients - and you can do this in conjunction with raising your prices for even higher profits.
  • An unusual place to find potential JV partners - get this one right and you can easily find yourself in the top 1% of coaches in your niche.

If you get the impression that module 4 is all about relationships, you're right. That's the cornerstone of every successful coaching business, and if you work through this module, you'll be perfectly positioned to make it part of yours as well.

Plus, We Are Including Our MemberSonic Pro Membership Site Plugin ($97 Value)

Create a Six-Figure Coaching Business in Just Four Weeks!

I hope you haven't read through this and thought, "This isn't for me. I'm just too new/old/unknown/inexperienced." But if you have, then I want you to know one thing: Every top-earning coach you see out there started exactly where you are today.

No one is born knowing how to build a business. We don't learn the ins and outs of funnel creation by osmosis.

But you can learn it. You can develop a truly successful, profitable six-figure coaching business, no matter where you are right now.

Still on the fence? Then you'll be glad to know that this complete training course is covered by my...

No-Risk Guarantee

There's absolutely no risk to you, because this 4-module training course is covered by my no-questions asked 100% money back guarantee.

If you don't find the information presented to be helpful in any way when it comes to building your six-figure coaching business, simply email for a prompt and courteous refund.

The risk is all mine, so don't wait. Register today.

At PluginResults.com, we've already done all the hard work, made all the mistakes and figured out what works (and what doesn’t). And believe me, we made some mistakes and stepped in our fair share of "you-know-what" a few times along the way…

…and we do this stuff for a living!!

That's why we’re so careful to document WHAT WORKS into simple, easy-to-follow modules so everyone on our team can duplicate these results across all of our client and portfolio sites.

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Pulp Fiction Coaching Package

There has never been a better time to start or grow a coaching business. As more and more people discover the true benefits of coaching, the demand continues to grow--but so does the competition.

Get out ahead of the crowd and give your audience the products and services they're begging for. You owe it to them, and you owe it to yourself.



P.S. This program is perfect for you if you're just thinking about becoming a coach, or if you've been offering coaching for a while but haven't yet achieved the success you crave. It works in any niche and any specialty, so whether you're a lifestyle coach, a business coach, a productivity coach, or anything in between, you'll find a wealth of ideas to help grow your business.

But if you don't just remember, your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed, or your money back.